Underwater Treadmill

Hydrotherapy uses the buoyancy and resistance of water to exercise safely and recover from injury. Our underwater treadmill is specifically designed for dogs. The water temperature is kept at a comfortable 86 degrees. The warm water relaxes joints and muscles while the compressive effect of water assists in reducing swelling. The buoyancy of the warm water reduces impact on joints allowing for safe exercise. Then as the treadmill is moving, the resistance of water stretches and works muscles more effectively than exercise on land. The end result is safe, efficient, non-weight bearing exercise.

Use of the underwater treadmill allows rehabilitation to begin sooner, reducing muscle atrophy and recovery time after surgery. It has also revolutionized our ability to rehabilitate dogs with spinal injuries and paralysis by increasing mobility and strength. This therapy addresses balance, stability, conditioning, strength, and gait.

 Massage Therapy

Massage uses many approaches to heal including Swedish deep tissue, myofascial release, lymphatic drainage and energy work. Each approach has it's own goal to provide pain relief, improve movement, assist in tissue repair, speed recovery and maintain a healthy activity level for your pet. It is easily incorporated into other veterinary services by complimenting both traditional and alternative care and can be used at every stage of life. Massage relieves stiffness in a geriatric friend, assists in recovery for athletes, and maintains function for the everyday companion.


After surgery is an excellent time to utilize massage work. The body has just experienced all the medical touch that comes with procedure such as poking, prodding and diagnostic touch. Massage provides caring and supportive touch for your stressed pet and encourages relaxation so the immune system can function at its best. Pain from surgery, arthritis, or other degenerative conditions suppress the immune system leading to slow healing and compromises recovery. 

Healthy Athletic Dogs and Massage

Massage can also be an important tool to use for the healthy working dog. Whether it's agility, fly ball, dock diving, field work, herding, obedience, conformation, visiting hospitals, or the weekend warrior, proper conditioning can benefit a dog's performance and increase their career longevity. Along with therapeutic exercise, a program of pre and post event body work and stretching will increase circulation and deliver nutrients while removing waste products from the muscle tissues. 

 floor work

Our floor work utilizes a variety of tools such as inflatable balls, ramps, stairs and cavaletties. All combined they create a fun obstacle course workout that enhance's limb use, builds muscle, retrains gait, and improves strength and flexibility. This is especially useful for post surgical recoveries that have progressed to being able to do high impact exercises or as strength building to prevent injury in athletic dogs. Depending on what your pet needs help with, we will find the best routine for them in office and teach you how to do it at home.  

Nail Trims and/or Paw Traction application 

Most of the dogs we see haven’t been able to go to the groomers because of their mobility issues. We see an improvement in the dogs traction on slippery floors when we clip the paw fur and the nails. We also carry a product called Paw Friction, which is a powdered rubber that you apply to the paw pads using a non toxic glue. We’re happy to put a sample on your dog to see if it works for them.

Harness and cart fittings

We are proud to carry Help Em Up Harnesses which have proven to be one of the best for helping post-op, injured or geriatric dogs get around. It helps you help them! Cart’s can be very intimidating too. We don’t carry them, but we’re happy to help you pick the right one and fit it for your dog.