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Underwater Treadmill

Hydrotherapy uses the buoyancy and resistance of water to exercise safely and recover from injury. Our underwater treadmill is specifically designed for dogs. The water temperature is kept at a comfortable 92 degrees. The warm water relaxes joints and muscles while the compressive effect of water assists in reducing swelling. The buoyancy of the warm water reduces impact on joints allowing for safe exercise. Then as the treadmill is moving, the resistance of water stretches and works muscles more effectively than exercise on land. The end result is safe, efficient, non-weight bearing exercise.

Use of the underwater treadmill allows rehabilitation to begin sooner, reducing muscle atrophy and recovery time after surgery. It has also revolutionized our ability to rehabilitate dogs with spinal injuries and paralysis by increasing mobility and strength. This therapy addresses balance, stability, conditioning, strength, and gaiting.

Hydrotherapy can benefit:

* Post-Surgery Recovery

* Arthritic Conditions

* Joint and Muscle Injuries

* Spinal Injuries

* Mobility Problems

* Chronic Pain

* Hip and Elbow Dysplasia

* Weight Loss

* Conditioning for Athletic Dogs

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